Wedding - September 13/08

What a wonderful couple I worked with this weekend - both extraordinarily kind and considerate people. It was an absolute pleasure.

They're both rather private and requested that no pictures with faces be included online; my usual "post-wedding preview" pictures are being emailed to the couple rather than posted here, but I thought I'd share a few details. They had a gorgeous day and their wedding was fantastic.

Congratulations to you both!

The bride's engagement ring and the heel of her shoe:

The bride and groom during the ceremony:

The bride's train as she was posed in a tree (I love the brides that are willing to climb trees/climb rocks/stand in water/etc.):

The wedding cake, made by the mother of the bride and decorated with fresh blue hydrangea.

...and the rest of the desert table. Oh my!

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Kricket said...

What gorgeous photos! Shannon has captured moments in time that we will treasure forever. We can't wait to see the rest. - The Bride