I love photographing kids- babies, toddlers, and children. They're all great. Kids don't stress in front of the camera like a lot of adults- myself included- do.

This family responded to my casting call for a non-Caucasian baby a few weeks ago, and I couldn't have asked for better models. We were finally able to get a day booked, and when I saw the snow this morning, I was worried I wouldn't be able to get my car out and we'd have to reschedule. However, my little beast made it just fine... I didn't fare so well and took a spill in the middle of the road when leaving this session. But, bruised tailbone and injured dignity aside, everything went well and I think their shots turned out great.

Thanks for having me over today, "H" family... and thanks to the neighbour who helped me out of the street. :) I hope you enjoy your sneak peek. Your gallery will be online shortly.

Modelling is hard work.

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Rose said...

It's our pleasure meeting you Shannon. At last, we were able to set the session today despite the crazy weather.

We all have fun, most especially our big girl Shayne & we're glad to find out how articulate she is in front of the camera. Nice to see the outcome of the pictures.

Thank you for making this day wonderful & unforgettable to us.