Kati, Steve, and Ava - Family Photos

I first met Kati and Steve at the Pet Expo this past spring. I was doing my volunteer shift promoting Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue when they approached our booth to get some information about greyhounds. They spent some time with my dog, Ellie, and the others at the booth. Before we knew it, I was at their place to do a pre-adoption home visit and interview; then, a week or two later, they became the new owners of a beautiful greyhound of their own, Ava.

The four of us headed out to Bow Valley Ranche on Saturday morning for some family photos- it's that time of year again, certainly, as there were about eight other photographers out there, all doing the same thing!

Ava's getting ready for Christmas a little early this year... this- THIS is why you get a greyhound. No dog is more patient with being decorated than a greyhound.

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