Tara and Deon - Just Married

The 2009 wedding season went out with a bang yesterday as Tara and Deon said "I do." Or was it Tara and Dora? Or Tara and Dylan? The JP had a little trouble during the vows... but if anyone could laugh through something so ludicrous and the JP saying the wrong name throughout their wedding ceremony, it's these two. It's obvious even to a stranger that Tara and Deon are friends first, above and beyond everything else their relationship has to offer. They are entirely at ease with one another, having fun and playing. And, in celebration of that (since I'm convinced that it's the secret to a long and happy marriage,) their photos were all about fun. And this blog entry is going to be all about fun.

Everything - the ceremony, portraits, and reception - were done in and around Fort Calgary.

The big entrance as Mr. & Mrs. H.

After dinner, they played "The Shoe Game" - I hadn't seen this one before and it was really cute. If you're planning a wedding right now, google it!

Cutting the cake? Way too boring for these two.

Tara and Deon's first dance was to "1,2,3,4" by the Plain White T's- a nice, fun change from the usual first dance choices.

But they still ended the night with some slow-dancing.

You know how you often hear brides and grooms say that by the end of the day, their faces hurt from smiling so much? When I left Fort Calgary last night, MY face hurt. No joke; I had so much fun with these guys that my cheeks were actually achy from so much smiling and laughter.

Congratulations, Tara and Deon, and may your love grow with each passing year of marriage- as they say, "May you look back on your wedding day and realize of all the days you are married, it was the day you were least happy together." Cheers!

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