Ali and Matt - Just Married!

A few images from yesterday's beautiful wedding at Kamp Kiwanis in Bragg Creek, Alberta.  Ali and Matt had an amazing day!

They opted for a "first look" before the ceremony - so nice to have these quiet, peaceful moments together before the chaos starts.

From there, we did portraits around the camp. 

Ali, you're a knockout.

Matt, you can pull off a Sears Repairman tie like no one I've yet met. 

Who know outhouses would make a neat portrait location? 

Ali and Matt, you two were a blast to work with.   I know I said this about ten times yesterday, but it's couples like you that make my job easy; you're gorgeous, you're so obviously in love, and all I have to do is show up and press a button.  

All the best to you both as you begin your lives together! 

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