Strathmore Rodeo

My husband and I went to the Strathmore Heritage Days Rodeo this afternoon- we signed up for the Running With the Bulls and had a great (albeit slightly terrifying) time! Someone had told me they weren't "real" bulls and didn't have horns (ie. they were cows) so we went for it- now, I'm not a farmgirl, but I know a bull when I see one... not to mention two dozen of them running at me! There were three rounds with progressively meaner and bigger (but fewer) bulls. We both stayed in for all three rounds and thankfully, weren't hurt. One guy was tossed pretty hard and a couple others were headbutted and kicked. The former was taken to hospital but is doing well, and the latter were fine and walked off the field. A photographer friend of mine came with us and took some great shots, so I might post a few of those tomorrow.

Anyway, on to today's pictures... just a few.

They had a great little petting zoo- I took most of my pictures there.

I liked this little calf.

And my husband loves llamas, so I had to grab a picture of this guy and his goofy teeth.

The rides in small town rodeos are a little less... shall we say... "upscale" than their big-city counterparts:

Yes, those are barrels strung together like a train. Priceless.

And I just loved the colours of the old-timey snocone stand. Fun.

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