Brenda and Patrick - Wedding

Oh my- it could not have been a hotter day for wedding, and being 08-08-08, it was probably the busiest day of the season!

I spent my afternoon in Riley Park with Brenda and Patrick and their beautiful daughter, Taylor. We were all roasting and thirsty and damp, but their wedding ceremony was short, simple, and very sweet.

Brenda and Patrick had gorgeous rings (they're in there! Click the photo to enlarge, if you'd like.) She chose a gorgeous bouquet and used a single white rose in memory of her mother. What a wonderful tribute.

Like I said, they had a simple ceremony; you've got to love a wedding where the entire guestlist fits into one photo!

Dad and daughter after the ceremony:

What a gorgeous family.

And of course, we finished up with some shots of the bride and groom.

In spite of the heat, though, I had a wonderful afternoon with you all!


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