Brandi and Adam - Wedding

You know it's been a long weekend (and I mean "long" like loooonnnngggg, not "long" like "gee, Monday's a holiday and it's been so nice and relaxing) when you spent 20 minutes getting frustrated with Blogger's servers for being down until you realize you've been typing in "Blooger.com." Okay, Shannon, time to take it easy for a little while... good timing- I'm off on holidays next week.

Yesterday was my second June wedding for this year and the date belonged to Brandi and Adam. I have a funny story about how I ended up booked for this wedding. Brandi and I both got our dogs through the same greyhound rescue organization, Chinook Winds Greyhound Rescue, and Brandi has seen a bunch of the pictures I've taken of the foster dogs that have been in and out of my house over the past two years. She loved my photos of the hounds and wanted to book me for her wedding. I had to laugh- who thought that pictures of foster dogs would net me a wedding booking? Go figure.

Anyway, on to the pictures!

The beautiful bride.

The flowers and the rings.

A few portraits of the happy couple.

Brandi and Adam's first dance as a Mr. & Mrs.

Have a wonderful honeymoon and congratulations to you both!

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Brandi & Adam said...

The pictures are awsome! you are the best! we cant wait to see the rest.