Natasha & Scott - Married!

Congratulations to Natasha and Scott, Calgary's newest newlyweds. Their day was beautiful and the rain stayed away for long enough for us to get lots of pictures.

A few shots from the ceremony, for starters...

After the ceremony, we headed to the park for portraits.

The bridal party was enormous! I told Natasha that she had as many people in the bridal party as my husband and I had guests at out wedding. No joke!

They were all lots of fun and kept me entertained.

...especially the guys.

And the kids were fantastic, adorable, and really great throughout the day.

Finally, it was just Tasha, Scott and I for their portraits.

We shot the portraits in Carburn Park, which was fun for me since I got married there and that's where my husband and I did our wedding pictures. Also in June. On another rainy day. Wedding deja-vu!

Tasha and Scott, I hope your day was everything you imagined. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it. Enjoy your sneak peek and have a wonderful honeymoon!

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