Allyson and Cody - Wedding Reception

The first of my 2010 weddings left me with sore cheeks from smiling too much... you can't be around Allyson and Cody and their family and friends without laughing uncontrollably and grinning from ear to ear.

Allyson and Cody were my choice couple for the contest I ran for free wedding photography.  You can read their entry HERE. Go ahead - I dare you not to laugh!

Allyson and Cody pushed things back by a year, hence the inconsistency with the dates - initially, they were apologetic and offered to forfeit their prize. Ridiculous, I said! A year is a year - no big deal. And let me tell you, this party was totally worth the wait.

We got together in Madden, Alberta, a town "hamlet" with a population in the double-digits. Talk about a hidden gem...

After leaving Madden, we headed down to Crossfield for their reception.  A few short speeches, a delicious dinner, and some dancing to end the night. Perfect! 


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