A few of my favourite things...

This is just a random post... my home-office was in disarray the last couple of weeks as I purged stuff, moved furniture, bought new equipment, etc. It's been a disaster (and I didn't even get to paint it... sigh.) But now it's finished and I've filled it with a bunch of my favourite things, most of which are toys. It's a very pleasant space for me to work in and I wanted to share it with my blog followers.

First things first- the most amazing purchase I made in 2008: The Bose SoundDock II.

I love this thing. It has completely changed the way I listen to music and I will never buy a stereo system that isn't made by Bose. Everyone should have one of these. The only problem is that now, I want the Bose Lifestyle Home Theatre to go with it... and that runs about $2500. Yikes.

One of my favourite things for the DIY-fanatic: ReadyMade Magazine.

I've had a subscription for a few years now and it's one of the few mags that I read but never get rid of. I often find myself leafing through old issues for project ideas. Very clever stuff in there!

I like sand timers in offices. I have no real need for one, yet I'm always flipping it while I work on stuff. This little guy measures only 15 minutes, but it's ORANGE.

Orange sand! How cool. You can also get them in blue, red, green, black, and white. I picked it up at Chapter's.

What's that behind the timer? Oh yes. My very own robot.

Robot Lilliput was a gift from the fantastically awesome Lindsay Allan. I believe she picked it up at FAO Schwarz in Las Vegas, but I've seen them at Livingstone and Cavell Extraordinary Toys in Calgary.

Speaking of stuff from Las Vegas, every time I'm there (or anytime someone I know is going there) I need to get a new Dunny. These are made by KidRobot, which modestly brands them as "the world's greatest toy." I don't know about that, but they really are quite cool.

They're just little things- about 3" tall- and each one is designed by a different artist. You really need to click the picture to enlarge it and check them out. I think they're fantastic. And if you happen to be going to Vegas anytime soon, you can buy them near the counter at the Urban Outfitters in the Miracle Mile Shops. Thanks kindly. :)

Another one of my favourite things is a wedding gift that my husband and I got from family friends of ours.

Apparently, it's Korean tradition to give a jewelery box to the bride and groom; it's a gift for both of us, "for him to fill and her to enjoy." I love that. It's empty and I keep it in my office because it's just so beautiful and I love the sentiment behind it.

Every office needs a clock, right?

This one would be better justified with video rather than a still photo. The gears all turn as the second hand moves. It's kind of noisy, but one of the neatest little things I own.

Yet another gift from Lindsay, and this is one of my favourite things EVER-

Red! Yes, that's a stuffed Red from Fraggle Rock. Okay, so I'm kind of dating myself with that, but I love this. And I know Lindsay worked hard to get one for me since they're no longer made.

And speaking of red- I love these.

I'm a candy junkie and love pretty much anything made of sugar, but Red Hots have always been one of my favourites. If anyone happens to see me at a bridal show in March (more on that later...) you'll be sure to find a little pouch of these in your gift bag. Hopefully you'll like them as much as I do.

What are some of YOUR favourite things?

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